Solo Travel Tips for Your Trip Abroad


There’s no denying that travelling offers the best chance to indulge yourself fully. When you are on your own, you can do things at your own pace. You are independent and your visit is not coloured by the prejudices, preferences and tastes of anyone travelling with you. Solo travel is completely personal. You discover yourself as much as you discover about the places you are visiting. And yes, some holidays are just for single travellers!

Of course, travelling solo has its disadvantages such as safety issues and loneliness, but a little preparation can help you enjoy your travel. Here are some things to keep in mind as you pack your bags.

Plan in advance – While you don’t need a detailed plan, but you should know where you will stay for the first couple of nights at least. Book your accommodation before you leave your home.

Pack light – You need to manage your luggage on your own, so carry just what you need. It should be easy for you to handle your own stuff.

Arrive during the day time – Plan to arrive at your destination during the day, so that you don’t have to find your way through an unfamiliar city at night.

Interact with others – Talk to other travellers. You will meet a lot of new people in the lounges and common rooms of the hostels. You can pick some great short-term friends as well as some helpful travel tips.

Observe people around you – Watch how people around you interact and how things work in the new country. You will learn a lot about how to conduct yourself the few days that you are there.

Go for organized tours – It can be a good idea to let someone else plan your trip while you just soak in the beauty of the places and enjoy the company of your fellow travellers.

Carry essentials – Always carry the essential items that you would need as you head out for the day. Don’t forget to have a copy of your travel-related documents and emergency contacts with you at all times.

Follow your instincts – Be aware of things around you and listen to your gut. If something doesn’t feel right, maybe it is not. Leave immediately.

Stay safe – Perhaps the most important concern for a single traveller is safety. Without anyone to watch your back, you are vulnerable to scam artists and criminals. However, a solo traveller can also blend in more easily than a group. One way to stay safe is to avoid drawing attention to yourself.

Travelling alone can be fun, challenging and exhilarating. Your solo trip can be your best gift from you to you. So, pack your bags and take off for a dream trip… and discover a whole new you in the process!