What started as an animated PPT project, ended as a full-fledged video project supported by relevant visuals. This is a classic example of how things could have gone wrong if we had stuck to the original brief. It is imperative to explore alternatives as the same story can be communicated in a myriad ways.


CDSA is a government body that attempts to ensure that cost of clinical trials are kept low without compromising on the quality of the clinical research in developing the products.

The field requires a lot of collaboration between the researchers, various government bodies and corporate houses. Often, lack of clarity on drug laws or ambiguity on existing rules create a lot of delay in processes. These courses were designed to engage and bring in clarity within each sphere, especially catering to independent clinical researchers, ethics committee members, scientists, biomedical researchers, all of whom are working within the clinical development, and translational research space.


Below are some of the equivalent still samples generated by team Luit. The exact replica of the video content can’t be put up within the public domain. A total of over 2000 slides were generated and stitched to narratives spoken by relevant experts or head of departments from across the country. Each of these lessons was of 30 to 45 minutes duration.