Siddhi Gall was a weekly chat-show based on current affairs, aired on PTC News and PTC Punjabi across the globe. This half-hour show was scheduled as a prime time offering and sustained the on-air numero uno spot for almost a year.

All movers and shakers from the political fraternity, the rising stars who had anything and everything to do with Punjab the state or the Punjabis were slotted here on this very hot seat and grilled by none other than Prabhu Chawla himself, the veteran journalist, known for his fierce political opinions.

Team Luit was a part of this project right from day one and was instrumental in bringing in the look and feel of the show which included set design, fabrication and furniture, the graphic packaging of the show, the music signature tune composition and of course, the production and post of all the episodes.

All the shows were shot in the PTC Delhi and Chandigarh studios. Below is a clip of the first episode that went on air.

  •   28 August 2016
  •   Client: PTC Network
  •   Posted by: Luit