Battle of Faith

GTPL Hathway is one of India’s leading Cable TV and Broadband service providers. However, their Digital Cable TV services business, which had a reach of over 8 million households across 500 cities in India was under threat. A new giant corporate was looking to enter this space and could have potentially wiped out the network in a matter of few months. Therefore, the upcoming dealers’ meet which was just a month away was not to be taken lightly. There were a lot of questions to be addressed and assurances to be given out.

Team Luit was assigned to design all the creatives that included a brand film, a narrative on how David defeated Goliath not by strength, but by intelligence alone. It’s strategy alone that can help win any battle and ultimately it did.

Actor Boman Irani was roped in to address the audience as he being a Parsi, can communicate in the local language Gujarati too. This design was created to convey the intended message, ‘have faith on the organisation your work for, no might is greater than wit combined with strategy’. GTPL still holds its fort strong and we are proud to have been a part of this exercise.