National Voice was a channel that was launched and though all operations were in place, the brand lacked positioning in its market space.

The primary core audience were north Indians, hailing from the core Hindi-speaking states where administrative accountability was lacking especially in the areas of law and order, civic amenities, women safety and their empowerment. At that point of time there were a lot of MeToo channels in the fray and therefore ‘Haal aapka, sawal aapka’ was added as a tagline to communicate that this channel would be a true representation of the common people from their perspective, raise issues that require immediate redressal or correction.

Here are a few clips from the re-branding campaign that included fillers, show packaging and promotion creative of the prime-time shows on the channel. Needless to say, the channel’s TRPs spiked by 23% within three months from the launch of the campaign and was able to sustain as one of the top 3 players in the space.