Sonalika, one of the leading tractor and farm machinery brands in India undertook a massive image makeover.

The company was ready with another fully automatic assembly line which required a major sales-push by another 30-40 per cent. The entire sales and distribution team were undergoing massive scale-up operations. Service centers were being upgraded phase wise across the country. Needless to say, all the creatives too required a makeover. That’s where Luit came into the picture.

The task was uphill as there were 36 tractor models, 12 farm implements and each were to be shot from 6 fixed angles. To make matters even more challenging, all were to be shot within the factory premises as a few of the models were yet to be released in the market. The smallest of these was the 20HP Gardentrac which was just slightly above 8 feet and the largest of them was the 90 HP Worldtrac 90 which was to be sold exclusively for international markets. This beast measured over 23 feet in height.

In a little over three days, Luit’s team comprising over 8 members shot over 200 final images in the shed that was converted into a makeshift studio created exclusively for this particular shoot. This was a post heavy assignment as all the ribs had to come out prominent and all the light shine spots had to be removed and lastly, each of the cutouts had to be crafted to perfection.