Most companies across the world don’t have access to a dedicated creative agency.

Having a logo in place with a thought behind it is just not enough. This gap becomes even more evident when there is an upcoming event. No creatives, no write-ups and the event is just three days away.

Team Luit had just under 72 hours to pursue and deliver whatever was possible. As a joint effort, both Peseko and the Luit team members worked through the night and got the act together.

Content for the brochure and standees was locked by morning. Encouraged by the developments, the possibilities of corporate gifts and a product explainer video too were explored. On day two, 8 pages of the brochure layout along with the other creatives were locked. The film was ready the next day.

So all in all, from a write-up to design layouts, story boarding to branded corporate gifts, all done and delivered in under 72 hours.

    • 8 page brochure
    • 2 minute animated explainer video
    • 3 sets of corporate visiting cards
    • 4 standees


  •   1 March 2019

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