Are you maximising the impact of your product video?


“Products are created in a factory, but brands are created in the mind”
– Walter Landor

To get the maximum impact of your product videos, visual storytelling can be incorporated with subtle product placement. Basic factors to be kept in mind while shooting a product video:

Credible – The protagonist in the story has to be a good match for the brand’s persona & product that is being featured.

Subtle – The placement should be subtle and weave seamlessly in the story so that viewer is engaged with the flow.

Frequency – As the placement goes subtle, so does the frequency of the brand being shown in the story. Though the brand has to make an appearance at some point to connect with marketing communication, limiting the number of shots can retain the authenticity of the content.

Like, Noble Hygiene in their present campaign highlights the importance of the freedom of the mind with their adult diapers brand, Friends Dry Pants. Incontinence needs to be accepted as a normal bodily condition that can be addressed. The product arms the TG to “step out” of their “mental jails” and celebrate their freedom.”

If you are facing similar issues, keep the above-shared pointers in mind. It will help you create awesome products. If not, we are just a call away.