7 types of video content for social media


Every business needs a variety of video formats to meet different needs and multiple goals. With the right mix of video strategy, you can cover all aspects of the customer journey from awareness through decision.

Explainer Videos

Product explainer videos are an interactive format used in the discovery stage of a customer journey. It is used to educate them about products or services. They also help in increasing brand awareness, lead generation and nurturing prospective customers.

Case study of a personal health management system called Contextual.co.

How-To Videos

The how-to videos are about addressing the real pain points that your customer has been facing individually and generically within the industry. Your videos have a greater chance of showing up in search results as these are targeted to address specific pain points.

You should only park the call to action message towards the end of the video. This keeps your viewer engaged throughout the sales funnel.

Case study of Dan Lok on how to start a business with less capital.

Promo Videos 

Promo videos play an integral role in increasing brand awareness, lead generation and help divert traffic to your blog or landing pages.

Case study of Apple trying to communicate that by 2030 their whole carbon footprint will be nonexistent.

Thought Leadership Videos

Thought leadership videos are a great way to build trust and highlight expertise within the industry. They also help establish your subject matter expertise within the domain, educate and engage with your audiences.

Here’s how George Bryant, the world’s highest-paid digital marketing and business consultant shares his insight on email marketing.

Webinars – Live and Recorded Webinars

Webinars both live and recorded help in educating potential customers about issues related to your industry. This helps to generate leads and guide prospects along the customer journey.

Here’s an insightful webinar hosted by exchange4media, a media portal, where experts discuss if video shooting during COVID-19 should be allowed.

Case study & endorsement videos

Case study and endorsement videos play a very important role where the customer evaluates if their specific pain points would be addressed or not.

Here are a bunch of customer testimonials that may help you understand the filter process better.

Product videos

Your product videos should be detailed with specific features and functions. Such videos help the customer to make a purchase. And if not, this viewer information will help you to generate hot leads which you pursue with email follow-ups.

Case study of Switchgears, Orient Electric

Personalised videos

The personalised video showcases a customer into a wow story by weaving personal details for each individual viewer. They are mainly used for invitations and email follow-ups, post a sale closure. It helps increase the email open rates, CTR and customer engagement.

Case study of Barclay’s on personalised lending for their customer.

Depending on your business goals and marketing objectives, you can start choosing a few formats based on priority. In case you are unsure of what type of video to start from, I would be delighted to add value. Feel free to comment.