Is your brand driving business transformation?


Be it traditional or digital branding, transformations are best reflected through the target consumer’s perception about your brand. There has been a shift in the positioning from the mind of the consumer to the life of the consumer. The digital brands today engage with their users by providing value, customer advocacy and customer experience.

What catapults a brand to drive business transformation?

  • Brand value
  • Clear identity
  • Strong and a consistent brand culture
  • Brand experience
  • Brand consistency

Brand Value

It is a very noisy world. We have to be very clear how we want our customer to perceive our brand. Your ideal customer should value your product even before they invest their money in it. Like Amazon is creative and innovative across all their campaigns adding more value for their customers.

Their latest campaign from Amazon Prime showcases the multiple benefits included in one Prime membership. With fast and free shipping , this includes entertainment with Prime Video and Prime Music and access to exclusive services.

Clear Identity

When the brand has a clear identity, the customer associates the marketing with the brand. For example, Apple Inc. has mastered the art of minimalism. All product aesthetics, user interfaces, the brand logo, support functions, and even advertising are stripped down to the fundamentals. 

Apple focuses on making its products simple and intuitive. The company has worked hard to ensure that every customer is delighted even before the packaging box is opened.

Visual identity is the silent ambassador of the brand

Strong and a consistent brand culture

The recent rise of digital channels has shifted the brand emphasis from rigid corporate structures to a consistent and strong brand culture. This remains familiar to a customer wherever it is in the world. The consumer has to nurture a unified view of the brand and its philosophy.

Brand Experience

The brand experience is not limited to the product or service alone. Every contact point throughout the customer journey should be legendary.

All contact points be it products, website, app store or the retail store yield a consistent experience for Apple consumers. The brand focusses on innovation beyond the core and have created an infrastructure which enables the ecosystem in a secure and seamless fashion.

Brand Consistency

Successful brands deliver the brand promise consistently throughout the customer journey. A unified brand image creates trust and credibility in the minds of the consumer. If we think of global brands like Nike, Apple, Amazon, Coca-Cola, one thread which pulls them all together is brand consistency.

There are several reasons that contribute towards the transformational journey of the brand. I have shared some of the most obvious ones which collaborate towards creating a strong foundation for your brand.

Has your brand journey undergone the transformation that it needs? If yes, do share your brand story so that we can all benefit from it.