Are you struggling to create buzz around your brand? - Go topical.


With the 75th anniversary of the WHO, this World Health Day is all the more special! 😀

Brands these days scoop out such creative ways to draw inspiration from topical events that we can’t resist but appreciate the creativity! To do the same, we drove into the past and dug out some brilliant campaigns from the archives which have created a buzz around health.

Check out this campaign by ‘The Rio Pads’ which highlights the menstrual pain and problems of female healthcare workers during Covid-19:

The campaign is a perfect amalgamation of the brand values and its vision. It isn’t just a shameless sales pitch on the occasion but an attempt to spread awareness about an alarming issue. 😎

Here’s another such brilliant campaign by ‘PolicyBazzar’ on the very old saying, “Bimariya Puch Ke Nahi Aati”:

Notice the personification of different “bimaris” and their wacky linkage to health insurance. Isn’t that hilarious? 😂

Advertising certainly gives you the levy to experiment with crazy ideas which you might never consider in real life.

Oh BTW, when we are talking about crazy brand advertising, how can we not talk about ‘ ‘Durex’! Durex has always been the flagbearer of quirky communication techniques. It conveys the most serious issues with an undertone of fun and humour. 😉

Check out this campaign by Durex launched in the past on World Health Day:

It’s literally impossible to not notice the intelligent brand plugin and communication here! All you need is strong messaging and boom! Here you have an amazingly impressive brand campaign. 😎

So, what’s the learning here?
The whole point of a brand awareness campaign over topical events is to influence how people perceive your brand. So, instead of selling products and services, marketers who highlight their company’s personality get better engagement. Keep your brand messaging consistent, and you’ll bring your target audience one step closer to making the right associations with your business.